5 Reasons Why Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner is best for Your GMC Topkick

Are you bored with the performance of your GMC Topkick as a work truck, dump truck, or a cargo hauler? Now you can power up the speed and get your adrenalin pumping by installing the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner in your truck. This will enhance your driving experience even for your every day tiresome chores and upgrade your trucks performance in no time.

GMC Topkick Programmer by Bully Dog Tuners Chips
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner Programmer Chip GMC Topkick

Managing a truck is not only difficult but it comes with a bigger price tag. The tuning chip is what maintains the programs and their functioning; therefore this diesel tuner not only involves less effort to upgrade and work in the long run, but also, it doesnt require a large amount of expenditure. Below are the reasons that will help you determine if the Bully Dog Triple Dog tuner is what your GMC Topkick truly needs.

1. Advanced Usage

This is not just a diesel tuner but rather, it has a gauge cluster and power programmer. The function of these features include: engine tuning, observing, estimating, and coaching and giving feedback. It further increases the horse power and torque by offering better programming and tuning. This has a positive impact on the utilitarian value of your truck without compromising on fuel economy of your GMC Topkick.

2. PIDs, Driving Coach and Instant Feedback

Adding Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner in this truck will provide you with a monitoring service of fifteen different vehicle parameters (PIDs) which will be demonstrated on the screen. To make it more fuel economical, and in order to take full advantage by boosting performance, it consists of a Driving Coach feature as well, which guides the person who is driving the truck. This feature helps the driver make modifications in their power programmer and rectify their driving practice by demonstrating their errors and showing them where they have wasted the most energy. The instant feedback will improve the performance of the vehicle cost-effectively.

3. Transparency and Testing

The diagnostic function in this programmer allows transparency of interpretation and removes troublesome codes, which is a facility that is not offered by any other programmer. It will also allow performance and power testing of the GMC with the added benefit of complementary software analysis of the ECM, which can help in determining the horse power of the truck.

4. Improves Fuel Economy

Not only can this tuner improve speed, but also save the fuel of your GMC. Although it mostly depends on the driver and their driving habits, fuel effectiveness is generally acquired after the tuning of the engine, which also amplifies the horsepower.

5. Easy Installation

You may assume that with all these added benefits, it might not be simple to install this chip into your truck or that it will consume a lot of your time, but think again! The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner takes no more than 20 minutes to install, which is far less as compared to other manual installations.

With these five benefits, you get the speed and ultimate experience of driving a Topkick. This diesel tuner adds to the quality to your engine and increases its life. You dont want to miss this chance, so hurry up and get this device from Bully Dog Tuners, for your GMC Topkick and make it incredible force to be reckon with on the roads. Feel free to call Power Chips Tuners at 877-318-8817 with any questions or if you would want to pick one up for your GMC Topkick.

GT Platinum Diesel (40420)

6.6L 2006-2010

FITMENT YEARS: 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner 40420
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner 40420

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Diesel Power Programmer , Tuner and gauge cluster is a vehicle engin

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Bully Dog products are developed with you in mind and each of you has a different need, want and desire. Bully Dog products, all the way back to the first propane kits, reflect that. Bully Dog products are built to be flexible, allowing each user to get their own desired result, from outrageous performance on the race track to improved fuel economy driving down the highway. Bully Dog products have you covered with increased performance, added safety and improved economy. This is evident with the Triple Dog GT line of product for gas and diesel vehicles.

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