Bully Dog Chips for Gas Engines

It may sound implausible that there are certain miraculous programmers available in the market that can automatically boost the pickup of your gas engine, improve the gas mileage, and carry heavier loads more efficiently than before. However, it is a fact that such chips do enhance the performance and economy of your engine. Turning towards technology seems to be the best solution to either increase the torque or horsepower. These programmers and chips are electronic devices which have customized software embedded in them through which the performance of your car or truck is optimized.

Bully Dog GT Chips Gas Tuners Programmers

One such remarkable device that ramps up the toque, horsepower, and gives better MPGs is the Bully Dog Chip. The best thing about bully dog chips is that these can be integrated with almost any type of engine management system. Apart from syncing with the engines, these programmers also calibrate with precision with other systems such as the exhaust and air-take systems.

There are two types of Bully Dog chips available for gas driven engines in the market.

  1. Triple Dog 50 State Legal GT Gas Tuner 40410
  2. Triple Dog GT Platinum Gas Tuner 40417

Triple Dog 50 State Legal GT Gas Tuner 40410(Only for California Vehicles)

This tuner is meant specifically for vehicles having gas engines. This engine tuner has a monitor, gauge, and a diagnostic device built-in on a single device. The GT gas tuner does not just optimize the engine performance but it also enhances the fuel economy. However, the improving on the mileage also depends upon the driving habits of the individual which is why these tuners have an embedded driving coach module that gives advice through graphical representation upon how to increase the gas mileage ratio. In addition to this feature, the GT gas tuner also have embedded Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controllers which assist in monitoring and display over fifteen different vehicle parameters.

Triple Dog GT Platinum Gas Tuner 40417(Non California Vehicles)

This tuner also has all the features of the Triple Dog 50 State Legal GT Gas Tuner. The comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic features coupled with the incredible engine performance enhancing capabilities, like increasing the horsepower or the torque, make the Bully Dog Tuners the best in the market. The tuners enhance these parameters by adjusting the operating conditions of the gas engine, thereby extracting power.


These Bully Dog tuners are quite easy to install and the step by step guide makes the process extremely easy to comprehend. The leads of the tuner are attached to the control module of the engine through the OBDII port. After the physical installation, the vehicle specific software can be downloaded to the laptop or a computer and installed into the tuner via a standard cable.

The splendor of these tuners is that they can be modified according to the customer requirements and operating conditions without undergoing changes in the hardware structure of the gas engines. So if you want to enhance the engine performance of your vehicle, then you may call at our toll free number (877) 318-8817 and get facilitated by our customer care service.

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner 40417
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Platinum Tuner 40417

The GT Platinum is four products in one remarkable unit: a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The remarkable GT transforms the utility of your vehicle by increasing horsepower, imp

From: $429.00 View Product
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner 50 State Legal 40410
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner 50 State Legal 40410

The Bulldog Triple Dog GT Programmer is a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in a single well thought out

From: $499.80 View Product

Bully Dog products are developed with you in mind and each of you has a different need, want and desire. Bully Dog products, all the way back to the first propane kits, reflect that. Bully Dog products are built to be flexible, allowing each user to get their own desired result, from outrageous performance on the race track to improved fuel economy driving down the highway. Bully Dog products have you covered with increased performance, added safety and improved economy. This is evident with the Triple Dog GT line of product for gas and diesel vehicles.

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